FAQs: Budgets

How do I mark my final budget “For Submission?”

While in the Proposal screen, click the Budget panel. For the Budget Version that you want to submit which should have a Status of "Complete", click the Actions button in the Actions column and select Include for Submission.

How should we treat postdoctoral fellow positions in the Kuali Coeus budget?

Postdoctoral fellow appointments as referred to in 5.3.3 of MIT Policies and Procedures are not appropriate costs to organized research activities (research project WBS) of the Institute. More information may be found in this FAQ titled "Can a Post-doc fellow be charged to a research account?"

It is possible for the subject matter of a Sponsored project to overlap with the area of a Fellowship to the point where their work will benefit both their Fellowship research goals and the goals of the Sponsored project. In this case, you would want to include language noting how the research program falls within the area of the Fellowship and is an excellent opportunity for the Fellow. This language should not be included in the budget justification as it would not be a budgeted item.

Non-Personnel Fellowship expenses may be appropriate costs, and may be charged using the G/L account 420172 ‘Fellowship Expense’.

Post Doctoral Associates costs may be charged to sponsored programs, using the g/l account 400390 ‘Post Doctoral Staff – On’.

Should we be inputting an employee's salary 'effective date' as the last time they got an increase, or the date when they are scheduled for the next upcoming increase?

If the start date of your proposal is within the next 12 months, you can use the actual effective date of 4/2023. (ex. Start date is 12/1/2024, input current salary and effective date of 4/1/2023).

If your start date is several years out, please manually inflate the salary to what is should be at that future date, and set the effective date to be consistent with that rate. (ex. Proposal start of 7/1/2026: manually inflate salary by 2 years, and set effective date to 4/1/2026).

In the budget, I have several people under the same group or category (i.e. Summer Faculty, Post-Doc On, etc.) and want to turn off inflation, or uncheck a rate for one person in this group. How do I do that?

The KC budget tool automatically ‘groups’ assigned personnel by cost element (object code, and G/L); meaning if you add two project persons as Summer Faculty, for example, two rows, one for each person, appear in a Cost Element group of the same name. Each person will have their own line with a Details button, but the cost object group has a single Details & Rates maintenance window. Any edits to the Details & Rates for the Cost Element affect ALL persons in that group.

For a step-by-step guide on how to make these changes, please refer to the Quick Reference Cards page for Budgeting for Personnel Using Groups.

When project dates change, how should budget periods be updated?

  1. Edit the dates on the Basics>Proposal Details page first. 
  2. Then, in the Budget before any other action, use the Reset to Period defaults button. This will set the budget periods to conform with the new project dates.
  3. Check the dates of performance for any personnel as they may change with the Reset and should be updated as appropriate if needed.  

To bring relevant FY rates into the budget, add Sync All Rates on the Rates tab. Alternatively, sync each rate type tab independently if your MTDC rate is fixed to prior FYs.