FAQs: Routing

Why is my proposal routing to that unit?

The Units associated with the Investigators and Key Persons will determine which Units the Proposal will route to for approvals.

While creating your proposal Unit Information can be modified (e.g. if the proposal should route to additional units for approval). To do so:

  1. Click the Unit Details tab.
  2. Click the Lookup/Add Multiple Lines link and search for and return the Unit(s) you want to add. You must use the DLCI's parent unit number.
  3. Alternatively, if a Unit is listed that should not be included in the routing for approval, click the Delete button in the Actions column for the Unit you want to remove (other than Lead Unit).

Prior to routing your proposal please confirm the appropriate units are correctly listed by checking the Summary/Submit screen. There select the Personnel tab and you will see the associated units for each investigator listed. Also, on that screen select View Route Log and in the Future Actions Requests select Show.