FAQs: Proposal Development Module

How can I insert a symbol in my proposal title?

At this time, it is not possible to insert a symbol into a proposal title. The problem is twofold – first, different Java versions translate symbols differently and second, the system cannot accommodate symbols in the proposal title.

Why can’t I view all In-Progress proposals?

You may not have access to view all the proposals created by other users in your department unless they give you a role that allows you to view it. Alternatively, there is a role in Kuali Coeus that allows a user to see all proposals in progress in your unit. This role may be requested by the Primary Financial Authorizer in your unit. 

How do I print out a full version of a System to System (S2S) proposal?

You can print the forms from the Grants.gov window.

Some federal agencies allow you to download/print exactly what the sponsor sees once the application is submitted via Grants.gov and retrieved by the agency. For instance, for NIH your PI will be able to log in to the NIH Commons and view the grant image exactly as the reviewers will see it. As sponsor systems may each reassemble the grants.gov application elements in a different order to meet their internal standards, we cannot match all the sponsors' specific application ordering.

Will Kuali Coeus replace NSPIRES for submission of NASA grant proposals?

NASA is still transitioning, but more opportunities are being posted on Grants.gov, which means it could be an opportunity to use Kuali Coeus for s2s submission. The Kuali Coeus team has put several NASA-specific forms into the MIT Production environment, and we have successfully submitted to NASA via Kuali Coeus s2s. 

How can I see if an Institute Proposal is linked to a Proposal Development proposal?

This information can be accessed through Medusa.

If you are in an Institutional Proposal record, you can click on the Medusa tab on the document. The Medusa link will also appear on in your search results screen. You can click on the Proposal Development line to open the Proposal Development details. To view the entire document, click the open link.

You can also see if it is linked to any other documents and/or Awards from the Medusa tab.