How do I begin using Kuali Coeus?

To start using Kuali Coeus, you need to

  • Determine which Kuali Coeus modules you will use. What will you be using Kuali Coeus for? Your answer will determine which authorizations you will need.
  • List of Kuali Coeus Roles – Roles DB Authorizations Maintained by the DLC [PDF]
  • Request authorizations. Contact your department’s Primary Authorizer to get access via the Roles database to Kuali Coeus.
  • Accessing Kuali Coeus. Kuali Coeus is a web-based application, to access Kuali Coeus click here.
  • Attend Training. Kuali Coeus training is available. Register for an upcoming class at Atlas / Self-Service / My Training. Click on the My Training tab and then MIT Learning Center to see full class listings. After you have confirmed your MIT certificate, choose “Administration” then “Sponsored Projects and Programs” from the Course Catalog.

Logging on to Kuali Coeus

You will log in with your Kerberos username/password. PC users that have already authenticated to other Kerberos applications (e.g., WIN domain, SAP) will not be prompted for a username/password. Mac users may be prompted to re-enter their Kerberos ID/password combination in a dialogue box.

Logging out of Kuali Coeus

  • Click on "User:[your username]" button in the toolbar at the top right and then click "Logout".