FAQs: Institute Proposal Module

How can I see if an Institute Proposal is linked to a Proposal Development proposal?

This information can be accessed through Medusa.

If you are in an Institutional Proposal record, you can click on the Medusa tab on the document. The Medusa link will also appear on in your search results screen. You can click on the Proposal Development line to open the Proposal Development details. To view the entire document, click the open link.

You can also see if it is linked to any other documents and/or Awards from the Medusa tab.

What are Institutional Proposal attachments and who sees them?

Attachments to the Institutional Proposal module contain documents not separately available in the Development Proposal.

These attached documents are uploaded by RAS. Some documents may contain sensitive information; cost-sharing templates for example, will not be viewable.

Any document that RAS determines may be “Shared” will be viewable to those with the Role View Shared Institutional Proposal Documents, a role given by your departmental authorizer in Roles Database for a unit and subunits.

PIs will see “shared” documents for projects on which they are (lead/contact) PI without special Kuali Coeus account or Roles authorizations. 

Co-Investigators will only have access to Institute Proposal documents if the proposal is funded to a child award on which they are the PI. Access is limited for Co-Is to documents uploaded to that child award.