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KC Proposal Basics


This class is designed to teach the basics of proposal preparation in the KC system, focusing primarily on minimum routing requirements. Attendees will learn the lifecycle of a sponsored program (and the roles of MIT offices involved), how to enter a summary budget, various Sponsor proposal submission methods, and how to appropriately attach proposal documents for different proposals. Through a combination of demonstration and hands-on exercises, attendees will prepare a proposal.

After attending the KC Proposal Basics class, users should feel more confident in preparing proposals in their area, and where to find assistance if there are questions

Topics include:

  • Proposal details, including Sponsor, Dates, Deadline, etc.  
  • Add PI and Key Personnel
  • Upload/Attach proposal documents
  • Summary Budget development
  • Validations and Submission screen

Duration: 2.5 hours
Location: Zoom link will be sent to registered participants

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Budget Development Rates & Personnel


This course is scenario based, following the PI's initial budget request through several revisions. Training incorporates hands-on exercises to resolve challenging situations, and best practices for budget creation.

Topics include:

  • Sponsor permits indirect cost less than MIT negotiated rate (underrecovery).
  • Sponsor requires cost sharing.
  • Personnel have an anticipated salary increases, and vacation that must not be charged to sponsor.
  • Extending the duration of the project, thus adding a project period. 

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • utilize the KC Budget module to handle budgetary issues
  • understand the full functionality and limitations of the KC module and apply this knowledge when preparing budgets


Individuals who plan to attend this course must have completed KC: Proposal Basics before attending. This class is best suited for people with experience creating proposals with budgets in KC.

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Zoom link will be sent to registered participants

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