FAQs: Roles

Can I change a lead unit on an existing proposal?

Once a proposal has been created in a lead unit, the lead unit cannot be changed. Users that are authorized to create proposals in more than one unit must select the Lead Unit at the time the new proposal is created or copied. An aggregator on the existing proposal can copy it (be sure to select Budget(s) and Narratives), and select a new lead unit to save the initial work.

How do I add an Aggregator to my proposal?

  1. Open the proposal that needs another aggregator.
  2. Open Access section.
  3. Enter the user ID (Kerberos ID) or first/last name in the search criteria and click search to display results.
  4. Select the person and then return results. This will open the add permissions pop-up.
  5. Select Aggregator Only Document Level for the individual and click Add.

Note: The individual must have a Kuali Coeus account to be added as an Aggregator.