Quick Reference Cards

Kuali Coeus Quickcards in PDF format available for download:

Navigation / General

List of Kuali Coeus Roles – Roles DB Authorizations Maintained by the DLC [PDF]

Email Notifications for Proposal Development
Action List
Navigation and Proposal Development in Kuali Coeus
Principal Investigator Dashboard
Proposal Types
DLC Proposal Checklist
Using the Grants.gov Opportunity Search
Minimum Requirements for Proposal Routing
Deleting Pessimistic Lock
Narrative Type Guide
Proposal Data Override
Changed/Corrected Proposal Preparation
Searching for a Development Proposal
Replacing a Narrative Attachment
Proposal Hierarchy:
Checklist for Creating Proposal Hierarchies
Conflict of Interest:
Principal Investigator Certification Questions
Proposal Certification Quick Cards
Conflict of Interest Quick Cards
Certifying Key Persons and Fellows
Budget Topics:
Adding Tuition to Budget
Adding TBAs to Budget
Budgeting for Personnel Using Groups

Budget Salary GL Inflation Guide

Budgets - Single Point of Entry 
De Minimis Rate Application
F&A and Unrecovered F&A Rate Types Budget Settings
Subaward Budget for S2S Submissions
Subaward Files for S2S Submission
Summary Budget 
Sync Budget Rates
Underrecovery Distribution
Updating to New EB and Vacation Rates
Locate and Upload Subaward Files for S2S Submissions
System-to-System (S2S) Form Guides:
How to Identify, Find, & Download User Attached Forms at Grants.gov
Populating the PHS Human Subjects and Clinical Trial Information (HSCT) form in KC Proposals
Populating the Extracted PHS Study Record for the PHS HSCT form
User-Attached Mandatory S2S Forms
User-Attached Optional S2S Forms
Accessing the Current and Pending Report
Introduction to Awards - Training Guide for All About Awards
Medusa - Award Module Function
Exporting Award Searching Results
Viewing Award Hierarchy
COI Requirements at Award Stage

OSP Service Tracker (OST) Guidelines for DLC Users

Account Setup for Awards
Award Attachments
Institutional Proposals
Institutional Proposals

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