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All of the Key People in my proposal have completed the certification questions, but KC is giving me a validation error of Disclosure Not Completed. If the certification answers are complete, then what does the error mean?

Certification Check Screen image

What this means is that one of the Key People who completed the proposal certification questions answered Yes to one or more of the Significant Financial Interest (SFI) screening questions (#10, 11, or 12). KC then requires the discloser to complete a proposal Conflict of Interest Disclosure, and the proposal cannot be routed until that action is complete. 

Certification Check screen image

The way to check if this is the case with your proposal is to click on the COI Disclosure Status button in the Personnel section. If the status is Not Disclosed, then the disclosure is yet to be completed. Not until the status is Submitted for Review can the proposal route:

Certification check screen image



Can I change a lead unit on an existing proposal?

Once a proposal has been created in a lead unit, the lead unit cannot be changed. Users that are authorized to create proposals in more than one unit must select the Lead Unit at the time the new proposal is created or copied. An aggregator on the existing proposal can copy it (be sure to select Budget(s) and Narratives), and select a new lead unit to save the initial work.

Can I copy a hierarchy proposal from the Parent?

Under most circumstances you should not copy a proposal hierarchy parent.

You should never attempt to copy a Proposal Hierarchy Parent with the budget. Instead, each child proposal must be copied and then a new parent and parent budget must be generated from the new lead child proposal.

Do I need to Notify the Key Personnel (send certification request) on all Proposal Types?

The only proposals that do not require certification by the PI or other Key Personnel are the following, as they will become sequences to the original proposal. The original certification applies to the new proposal:

  • Budget/SOW Update
  • New Changed/Corrected
  • Pre-Proposal
  • Progress Report
  • Renewal Changed/Corrected
  • Resubmission Changed/Corrected
  • Supplement Changed/Corrected

How can I confirm that a Professor’s contact information is correct in Kuali Coeus?

First, navigate to the Personnel section in the Key Personnel section of the proposal development document.

Click the arrow next to the personnel you want to verify, then open the Details sub-tab for that personnel.

This will bring you to the full information which can also be edited on a proposal by proposal basis by any aggregator on the proposal should changes be required.

How can I insert a symbol in my proposal title?

At this time, it is not possible to insert a symbol into a proposal title. The problem is twofold – first, different Java versions translate symbols differently and second, the system cannot accommodate symbols in the proposal title.