Kuali Coeus is an enterprise-wide, cradle-to-grave, electronic system that is the result of the partnership between the Kuali Foundation and Coeus Consortium and is based on Coeus functionality developed at MIT.


Kuali Coeus Regular Maintenance

Kuali Coeus will periodically undergo routine maintenance. This routine maintenance will take less than 1 hour, and will occur during non business hours (sometime between 10pm and 6am, EST). If there are any outages during normal business hours or that will take more than 1 hour, advance notification will be posted on this website and MIT’s IS&T Services down website (http://3down.mit.edu/3down), and an email will be sent to the Community via ra_ls@mit.edu.

Lunchtime Learn Sessions

The KC Support Team is happy to announce that we will be holding our next Lunchtime Learn session on Thursday, December 15th at 12 noon in OSP’s Kendall Square conference room. We anticipate an appreciable turnout because we will be discussing Proposal Hierarchy. Many of you have requested it, and we are eager to oblige.

Some points to be discussed are:

  • Process
  • Best Practices
  • Available Resources

Please bring any questions, issues, or examples that you may have. We’ll provide the answers. (and cookies)

Map: http://whereis.mit.edu/?go=NE18

Find out more about Lunchtime Learn


Kuali Coeus Upgrade and Forums

OSP will be hosting two KC Forums on the fixes/improvements that are part of the latest Kuali Coeus release.