Kuali Coeus is an enterprise wide, cradle to grave electronic system that is the result of the partnership between the Kuali Foundation and Coeus Consortium and is based on Coeus functionality developed at MIT.

Benefits of Transitioning to Kuali Coeus (KC)

Kuali Coeus combines the full functionality of Coeus Premium with the easy navigation of a web based tool such as CoeusLite.

  • Kuali Coeus includes all of the modules found in Coeus Premium, such as the Award module, which is not currently available in CoeusLite
  • Kuali Coeus is a single web-based tool that will serve the needs of the Institute’s entire Research Administration community
  • Functionally equivalent to Coeus, Kuali Coeus has a newly designed user interface that greatly enhances the User Experience (currently in final phases of development) Kuali Coeus utilizes Kuali Rice middleware that allows Kuali Coeus to be built in a more fluid fashion.


In July, we started sending out a brief weekly survey to every administrator who submitted a proposal using KC in the previous week. OSP and the KC Project team are constantly working to make improvements to KC. We value your comments and are using the feedback to prioritize issues.
Drop in Mondays! Need help with one of your proposals? Have questions about your proposal budget, including cost sharing, underrecovery, tuition, etc.?