Subaward Files for S2S Submission

To submit a detailed subaward budget with your KC System-to-System (S2S) proposal, you must select to Include this optional form on the s2s opportunity search screen, and you need to prepare and upload a subaward budget form into the KC Proposal Budget.

When handled properly, the budget details in the subaward form translates into line item details in your KC budget, and the form transmits as an attachment with your s2s proposal. To transmit successfully, the subaward form used must match the correct type and version in your selected s2s opportunity. These budget form versions are not interchangeable.

Handle with Care graphicImportant! All downloaded forms are breakable! These PDF form files corrupt easily if you use anything but Adobe Reader. warns that if more than one person works on a form, everyone involved should use the same version of Reader!

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Understanding Subaward Budget Form Types

The form type/name is found in your KC proposal on the S2S Opportunity > Forms screen.

S2s opportunity Search screen

The naming convention used with these subaward budget forms has evolved, providing more detail on recent forms. Some older form names are not so helpful. The form name/title can be broken into categories: the name, the number of budget periods, the number of attachments supported, and the version. Not all forms provide details in all the categories, but there is still a way to know what it means when the category is missing. Here is a breakdown of two form names as examples:

RR Subaward Budget1_3     vs      RR SubawardBudget10_30_1_4

Name/Type: this is the type of budget. If the name includes “Total Fed + Non-Fed”, it means it shows the cost share column.

Budget Period number: older forms do not include the number of periods because the first GG forms only had 5 periods. If (5) or (10) does not appear directly after the form name, it’s a five period/year form. If there is a “10”, it means this is a 10 year/period budget form.

Attachment number: if there are two (2) numbers in the description (the first being 5 or 10), the second number defines the number of files (budgets) that can be attached and submitted on this ‘cover’ form. If there are no period or attachment count numbers, then the attachment limit is ten (10) budget forms. While the budget files extracted from the ‘-10 and ‘-30 forms look identical, they cannot be interchanged – a form extracted from the ‘-10 cover will not ‘attach’ and transmit on the ‘-30 cover and vice versa. The data from the uploaded subaward budget will populate your KC budget, but the subaward budget file will not validate and will not be submitted with your s2s proposal if it does not match the cover/attachment form.

Version number: the last two (2) digits of the form title separated by an underscore; represent the form version. While the differences may be imperceptible to the eye, things behind the scenes make these budgets unique from other versions. Therefore, it is imperative that your uploaded subaward budget file version matches to the one identified in your funding opportunity. 

The examples above:

  • RR Subaward Budget 1_3 is a five-period budget with a maximum of ten sub-budget file attachments, using version 1.3.
  • RR Subaward10_30_1_4 is a ten-period budget with a thirty-attachment limit, and is version 1.4.

Include the Subaward Budget Form for S2S Submission

  1. In the Proposal, select Basics ;> S2S Opportunity Search. The Opportunity Search section opens.
  2. Click the Forms tab and check the Include checkbox for the Subaward Budget form in your opportunity. Make a note of the Subaward Budget Attachment Form name and version number.

S2S Opportunity Search screen

  1. Save & Close the proposal.
  2. Select the form and version of the Subaward Budget Attachment Form that matches your proposal from the left column in the table below.
  3. Click on the corresponding extracted budget form link in the middle column. Alternatively, you can download the “cover” form from and extract the budget file by clicking the [Click here to extract the R&R Subaward Budget Attachment] button in the cover page, and save the file to your desktop. advises using Adobe Reader when working in any forms. AVOID Acrobat or Pro as they may ‘break’ the form and keep it from validating in your proposal! Launch Reader first, and then ‘open’ the form with Reader.
If your S2S Application includes one of these Subaward Budget Attachment Forms... Use this extracted budget form Or download this Subaward Budget Attachment “cover” file from & extract the budget form
RR_SubawardBudget_1_4 RR_Budget_1_4_A-V1.4 R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(S) form


R&R Subaward Budget Attachments(s) Form 5 YR 30 ATT
RR_SubawardBudget10_10_1_4 RR_Budget10_1_4_A-V1.4 R&R Subaward Attachments Form 10YR 10 ATT
RR_SubawardBudget10_30_1_4 RR_Budget10_1_4_A30-V1.4 R&R Subaward Attachments Form 10YR 30 ATT
RR_FedNonFed_SubawardBudget_1_3 RR_FNF_1_2_A-V1.2 R&R Subaward Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) Attachment(s) Form


RR_FNF_1_2_A30-V1.2 R&R Subaward Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed) 5 YR 30 ATT
RR_SubawardBudget_1_3 RR_Budget_1_3 R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form - 10 Attachments)
RR_SubawardBudget30_1_3 RR_Budget_1_3 R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form - 30 Attachments)
RR-SubawardBudget10_10_1_3 RR_Budget10_1_3 10 Year R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form (10 Attachments)
RR_SubawardBudget10_30_1_3 RR_Budget10_1_3 10 Year R&R Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form (30 Attachments)


R&R Subaward Budget (Fed/Non-Fed) Attachment(s) Form (10 Attachments)
RR_ FedNonFed_SubawardBudget30-V1.2 RR_FedNonFedBudget-V1.1 R&R Subaward Budget (Fed/Non-Fed) Attachment(s) Form (30 Attachments)
FedNonFed_SubawardBudget10_10-V1.2 RR_FedNonFedBudget10-V1.1 10 Year R&R Subaward Budget (Fed/Non-Fed) Attachment(s) Form (10 Attachments)


RR_FedNonFedBudget10-V1.1 10 Year R&R Subaward Budget (Fed/Non-Fed) Attachment(s) Form (30 Attachments)
PHS398_TrainingSubawardBudget_2_0 PHS398_TrainingBudget-V1.0 Training Subaward Budget Attachment(s) Form

Uploading Completed Subaward Budget Forms

Do this for every detailed subcontractor budget file:

  1. In the Budget, after completing your Period 1 entries and generating all periods, select Subawards to open the Subawards screen.
  2. Click +Add Subaward button.
  3. In the Add Subaward window:
    1. Use the search function to look up the Organization Id
    2. Select Choose File to browse and select the completed Subaward Budget PDF; click Open. Focus returns to the Add Subaward window, where the File Name now displays.
    3. Enter any Comments as needed.
    4. Click Add Subaward. The form file translates to XML for submission with your Kuali Coeus S2S proposal. The subaward form details will refresh in the screen.
  4. Select Details button to see fields updated with information about the translated file.
  5. If you make any changes in the Subaward Details window, click the Save Changes button, otherwise, click the No button to close the window.

Note: Once the completed PDF budget form uploads into the Subaward section, compare the Form Name displayed in the Subaward Details window (screenshot below) to the Form Name in the last column of the table above to makes sure that they match.

Subaward Detail Screen

Viewing the Uploaded Subaward Form

  • Note: You cannot modify the Subaward files once they are in Kuali Coeus – it becomes a non-editable file after upload. To make updates to the Subaward budget file or its justification, return to the original file to make changes and then use the instructions below for ‘Replacing an Uploaded Subaward File’.
  • You can view the Subaward Budget file if you have the Adobe Reader software installed on your system. 
  1. In the Budget > Subawards screen, select the Details button for the Subaward Budget Form you want to view.
  2. In the Subaward Details window:
    1. Click View PDF button. The file will display in a new browser window or it will download to your computer (depending on your browser settings).
    2. You can also view the XML file by clicking the View XML button. Again, the file will display in a new browser window or it will download to your computer (depending on your browser settings).

Replacing an Uploaded Subaward File

  1. In the Budget > Subawards screen, select the Details button for the Subaward Budget Form you wish to replace.
  2. In the Subaward Details window:
    1. Click Replace PDF button. A file browser field opens.
    2. Click the Choose Field button, find the PDF budget file, select it, and click Open. The file browser closes and focus returns to the Subaward Details window.
  3. Click the Add button. The PDF file is imported.