Miscellaneous Materials

Miscellaneous Training Materials

Course Name Description Quickcard Link Video Link
MEDUSA: Award Module Function The Medusa function allows users to access the details of a project’s individual work breakdown structure, (WBS) the hierarchical and incremental decomposition of the project structure, without having to exit the award or proposal. PowerpointQuickcard VideoVideo
Award Hierarchy The Award Hierarchy provides a structured, graphical representation of a sponsored project in an expandable collapsible tree view. PowerpointQuickcard VideoVideo
Budget - Single Point of Entry The Budget Single Point Entry is a quick way to enter budget details after the initial proposal budget has been created. PowerpointQuickcard VideoVideo
Create Personnel for Detailed Budget How to assign personnel to your detailed budget. NA VideoVideo
Certifications All Investigators and NIH/PHS Key Study Persons named on a proposal must complete Proposal Certification, which includes COI Screening Questions, before the proposal may be submitted into the routing workflow for approval. NA VideoVideo
Time and Money Time & Money is used to manage money provided for a project. It shows the distribution of the obligated and anticipated amounts and tracks changes as the project progresses. Users can view award hierarchies and see exactly how funding is distributed throughout one or multiple awards for a project. NA VideoVideo