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The Kuali Coeus Support Team offers "Lunchtime Learn” sessions, with topics based upon questions we have received from the Community. Bring your lunch to any session. We will provide snacks.

As always, we open up the floor to any other questions you may have. We are limited to an hour, but bring your questions and we will cover as much ground as we can.

And remember, we solicit topics from the community in each LL session, but you don’t have to wait for a session to make a suggestion. We love to hear them, and it helps us to better serve you, so send them along to

May 2017 Topic - Action Lists and Email Notifications

The May Lunchtime Learn topic was Action Lists emails, and the fact that they are being retired.

Actions Lists will soon be replaced by email notifications that will provide you with useful information. Some of the notifications which you can look forward to include:

  • When a proposal is returned to the Aggregator(s) for correction before re-routing, they will now receive a custom email explaining this, with a link to the proposal in the email notification.
  • When a proposal is Submitted for Review, or Approved by an Approver at a previous level, the Approvers at the new level will now receive a custom email telling them there is a proposal in their inbox waiting for review/approval (again, with a link to the proposal for easy access).
  • When all Key Persons have certified on a proposal, the email notice will be sent to any Aggregator listed on a proposal, not just the creator (especially helpful when someone is covering during vacations, sick time, etc.).
  • The CA email (“OSP has received your proposal and it’s been assigned to OSP CA ______”) now has a link to the proposal in the email notification. So, no more looking to the separate generic “Action List” email for the link.

We discussed this change and answered questions. We invite you to join in the Action List retirement celebration. Yes— we’re excited about the change too!

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