Kuali Coeus 1602.40 Release Notes

Release Date: February 15, 2016

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Proposal Development Certification and Disclosure

  • The Notify All and COI Disclosure Status windows will better convey requirements according to proposal type, proposal sponsor and personnel role. The Notify All window will now display only the names of those personnel in roles required to certify. The COI Disclosure Status window will display only those required to disclose according to responses given to certification answers instead of listing all proposal personnel.
  • (Change to Functionality) A new Validation message will present when Non-employees are added to roles requiring certifications. Since non-employees do not have Kerberos or certificates the warning will convey that a different role on the proposal or an MIT employee guest account may be required.
  • The proposal validation “COI Disclosure Not Complete” will now present when appropriate and will prevent a proposal from routing.
  • The email notification “All Proposal Persons Certified” is no longer being sent out when certifications for all investigators/key persons are not complete.

Searches, Lookups and Navigating

  • Search results are no longer displayed with double scroll bars.
  • Proposal Development search results can now be sorted in proper numeric order by KC Proposal Number.
  • There is now an option to Close a proposal from within the Proposal Budget without having to navigate back to the proposal.
  • When an In Progress or Revisions Requested status proposal is opened with “View,” users with modify permissions will now have an “Edit” button available within the proposal allowing them to start to edit without closing out of the proposal and reopening from the Edit link in the PD search results.

Proposal Development – Copying/Deleting Proposals

  • Users should no longer receive an Incident Report/error when copying proposals that contain Personnel Attachments.
  • Copying migrated proposals with Grants.gov subaward budget Adobe forms uploaded in the Budget module no longer causes an error.
  • Copied proposals with Modular Budgets now retain all synced or manually input Modular Budget data from the original proposal.
  • In Progress status proposals (presently only those native to KC) can now be deleted by Aggregator.

Proposal Development – Hierarchy

NOTE: This release includes multiple fixes and improvements to PD Hierarchy. Please contact kc-help@mit.edu for assistance with creating, linking and synching hierarchies

  • Changes to budget periods on a child proposal can now be synced to parent.
  • Creating a Hierarchy parent proposal is now possible without an incident report when the child has attachments uploaded.
  • Inflation rates are no longer applied differently at parent than at children
    • Parent budget amounts now equal the sum of child budgets, regardless of differences in Inflation rate entry across children.
  • Cost Share distribution is now properly applied at the parent budget when user syncs budgets either from children or parent.
  • PD Hierarchy children's status now displays to match the status of the Hierarchy parent proposal.
  • In the Hierarchy Parent budget Modular Budget screen, users can now sync data from the detailed budget, and Modular Budget checkbox can be now be edited in Parent’s Budget Setting.

NOTE: Please email kc-help@mit.edu prior to syncing if assistance is needed.

Proposal Development – Budget Issues

  • Additional Confirmation/Warning prompts have been added to Proposal Budget, triggered when:
    • user clicks the Delete icon on the Periods and Totals screen
    • user clicks “Save and Apply to Other Periods” and the edits would change existing entries in future periods
  • Budget validations that have prevented users from Completing the budget, routing, or navigating in the proposal have been be revised.
    • U/R screen, Project year vs Fiscal year end dates
  • Personnel Costs – Budget Personnel “Calculated Fringe” now includes the total of individuals’ Vacation Accrual and EB costs
    • Individuals’ Vacation is no longer appearing in “Calculated Direct Costs.”
  • For migrated proposals, user will now be able to open and view the Subaward RR Budget V1-3 form uploaded to the KC budget > Subaward section without errors.
  • Copying Budget versions is now possible when there is a manual entry of a Subaward in Budget Subaward section.
  • MIT F&A/Overhead is no longer calculated on Subaward Cost Sharing added via the Subaward section of the budget.
    • Instead, a separate line item is generated in Non-personnel Costs for the Subaward Cost Sharing, not subject to MIT F&A.
  • Multiple fixes to Modular Budget syncing and handling Subaward line items, cost sharing, LA and IDC.
  • Underrecovery calculations for all OH Rate Type and UR Rate Type scenarios are working.
  • Single Point Entry - when users click on “Object Code Name” field drop-down menu selection opens with blank search box – users may enter the name or number in the search box, or scroll through the menu items to make their selection.

Printing – Proposal Development Budget Print Forms

  • Migrated proposals now print properly and display EB, Vacation and Indirect Costs on Budget Print Reports that did not previously:
    • 3 - Budget Salary Report
    • 5 - Budget Summary Total Report
    • 6 - Budget Total Report
  • Various Formatting improvements on the following forms:
    • Budget Cumulative Report - Subtotal & total display issues fixed
    • “1 - Budget Costshare Summary Report” – Column headers now print when there are no personnel costs included in the budget year
  • Calculation Fixes
    • 4 - Budget Summary Report - Indirect Cost Base correctly reflected when the Apply Rate in line item detail is unchecked.

Proposal Development Budget – Lab Allocated Departments

  • The “Allocated Lab Expense” is now included as a line in the Other Direct Costs section of the following Budget Print Reports:
    • 1 - Budget Costshare Summary Report
    • 2 - Budget Cumulative Report
    • 4 - Budget Summary Report
  • The Allocated Admin Support, EB & Vacation on LA, and LA bases now print correctly on the following Budget Reports:
    • 1 - Budget Costshare Summary Report
    • 2 - Budget Cumulative Report
    • 4 - Budget Summary Report
  • Users no longer need to create separate custom groups for each budget person assigned to a period for lab allocation to properly calculate on the “4 - Budget Summary Report” and other Reports
  • Budget Personnel "Calculated Fringe" field (in Details and in Budget Summary sections of PD Budgets) now includes only the individuals' EB and Vacation, NOT the EB on LA or Vacation on LA.

Proposal Development Routing and Approvals

  • When rerouting “Revision Requested” proposals, there will no longer be an additional stop requiring the “Original Aggregator” to approve .
  • “Revision Requested” status proposals no longer change to “In Progress” when KC-Help assists by opening proposal via the “Edit” link.
  • From the Action List, selecting show for a Proposal Dev Document no longer returns an Incident Report. Now, Proposal Summary & Budget Summary are displayed with an “Open Proposal” link available at bottom of summary.
  • PD Hierarchy children's status now displays to match the status of the Hierarchy parent proposal, and do not remain “In Progress” when parent is routing or submitted S2S.

Proposal Development S2S/Grants.gov

  • While an S2S Linked PD is “Approval Pending,” the S2S Opportunity Forms to “Include for Submission” can now be edited by proposal Aggregator(s) and DLC users with Modify All Dev Proposals authorization without requiring rejection of the proposal back to DLC.
  • Improvements to several of the Grants.gov validation messages and “Fix It” paths.  
  • In the Opportunity Search Screen, the Opportunity ID field is no longer case sensitive.  
  • S2S – Delivery Info – section is now editable for S2S proposal
  • S2S – eRA Commons ID can be less than 6 characters
  • Fixes to Grants.gov RR_Budget-V1.1 form
    • Senior Personnel’s Months Effort, Salary, EB, & Vacation now populate properly for migrated and copies of migrated, proposals.  
  • Fixes to Grants.gov SF424 RR –V1.2 form
    • Field 4.a population, including for New proposals, using the Sponsor Proposal Number field.
  • Fixes to Grants.gov SF424-V2.1 (non-RR) form
    • Project Title field 15 properly populating with Proposal Title, not PI Directory Title.
  • Fixes to NIH Fellowship form population
    • No longer need to enter info in the Visa Type field if there is info supplied from HR (behind the scenes). Aggregator will be able to print form and not get an incident report when no ‘dummy’ info in entered.
    • When there is NO HR data supplied for the person, user will now get a validation error message when printing, indicating that the citizenship info must be manually entered in the Visa Type field. There is Incident report return.

Award Module

  • NOTE: You will notice some new fields, as they have been added to comply with the OMB’s Uniform Grant Guidance:
    • FAIN ID: Federal Award Identification Number (FAIN) is unique within the Federal agency, and required for each financial assistance award to assist recipients in correctly reporting subawards. The Federal agency may not - with limited exceptions - modify the FAIN during the life of the award. Agencies use different formats. For example, NIH implements the FAIN by deriving it from the core elements of the grant number. For example, the FAIN for 1R0lGM654321-01 would be R01GM654321.The field in KC is alphanumeric.
      • In KC this field is located in the Award tab ➜ Details and Dates panel ➜ Sponsor subpanel
    • Federal Award Year: in YYYY format
      • In KC this field is located in the Award tab ➜ Details and Dates panel ➜ Sponsor subpanel
    • Federal Award Date: the date when the Federal award is signed by the authorized official of the Federal awarding. Format is month, day, and year.
      • In KC this field is located in the Award tab ➜ Details and Dates panel ➜ Time & Money subpanel

Subaward Module

  • NOTE: You will notice some new fields, as they have been added to comply with the OMB’s Uniform Grant Guidance.
    • Federal Award Project Description
      • In KC this field is located in the Subaward tab ➜ Subaward panel
    • F&A Rate
      • In KC this field is located in Subaward tab ➜ Subaward panel (XX.XX format)
    • de Minimus checkbox
      • In KC this field is located in Subaward tab ➜ Subaward panel
    • Funding Source Details section: displays the FAIN ID, the Federal Award Date, Obligated Total, Sponsor and Prime Sponsor IDs, CFDA Number, and Activity Type fields.
      • In KC this section is located in Subaward tab ➜ Funding Source panel ➜ Current Funding Sources subpanel

DUNS: The DUNS # of a Subrecipient now appears under their Subrecipient name.