KC Survey Results

September 22, 2015

At this time, we have suspended our survey.  We are working on resolving the bigger issues with in the Kuali Coeus System.  Once a number of them have been resolved, OSP will begin the survey to help track other issues and trends from the community. 

Thank you for your feedback and assistance.  

Figures below updated September 15, 2015

In May of this year MIT made the transition from Coeus to the new Kuali Coeus (KC) grants management system. We are the first school to go live with this version of KC and, as might be expected with any software upgrade, there have been some kinks to work out. It has been our position from the beginning to be as transparent with the MIT community as possible regarding the known issues and what is being done to correct them but, after two months of focusing on the most pressing functional issues, we decided we needed more direct feedback from users on their experience with KC.

In July, we started sending out a brief weekly survey to every administrator who submitted a proposal using KC in the previous week. OSP and the KC Project team are constantly working to make improvements to KC. We value your comments and are using the feedback to prioritize issues.

OSP’s Kuali Coeus Project team is working diligently with Kuali Coeus to fix the following issues:

  • Budget Print Forms
  • Hierarchy
  • Copying Proposals
  • IRB

On this page you will find feedback we have received from the surveys to date, which have had a 35% response rate overall. We hope the response rate will increase as it will keep us informed of the areas where we need to concentrate our efforts.

KC Survey Total

As you will see in the graph below, although the number of ‘difficult’ (the red segments) ratings dropped substantially over 9 weeks, Budgets, Printing and Routing remain the most problematic areas for many users. We are diligently focused on alleviating the issues in these areas. 

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Key Areas of Concern

Key Areas of Concern


You told us that:

  • Budgets need to be easier to print
  • You want to be able to copy and save budget versions
  • You’d like a running total of the budget or a budget summary on each budget page
  • Hierarchy budgets need to sync correctly
  • Proposals are routing incorrectly and/or there are redundancies in the routing maps

The Kuali Coeus Help Team continues to receive good feedback.

Contact KC Team

KC Team Helpful

The KC Help Team has reviewed all of the feedback and is planning some additional ways to help users learn how to use KC more effectively and efficiently. There is a series of Lunch & Learn sessions in September, and we have drop-in help session on Mondays

If you are a Kuali Coeus user, you may be receiving one or more brief surveys over the next few weeks as we continue our assessment process. If you receive a survey, you can help us by filling it out. There are only a few questions and plenty of room for you to explain any situation where you are having problems. Because we also need to know what’s working well, we’d be delighted to know that, too!

If you have any comments on this page, or the surveying process, please send those comments to: osp@mit.edu. As always, send your Kuali Coeus questions to kc-help@mit.edu.

Thank you for your participation!

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