Current Known Issues for Kuali Coeus

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Version 1602-40, Installed February 15, 2016

Known Issues as of September 30, 2016

Module Description Comments/
Proposal Development > Budget F&A Rates in budget always default to “MTDC”, even when Activity Type of proposal is “Other” or “Instruction” (and uses FUNSN rate type)  User manually edits the F&A Rate Type (and Unrecovered F&A Rate Type) fields in Budget, to select “FUNSN”. More information about adjusting these rate type fields in budget is found in our Quick Card on KC website entitled “F&A and Unrecovered F&A Rate Types Budget Settings”
Proposal Development
Budget > Modular Budget F & A
Modular Budget section in KC is not pulling in the F&A Rate, Base, and IDC calculated from the detailed budget.  A fix was implemented on August 4, 2016. Users should now use the “Sync” button in PD > Budget > Modular, and the system will automatically populate the MIT F&A information. Users no longer need to manually add this information in their KC Budget for Modular Budgets.
Award When the award hierarchy is printed, the following information is missing: Hierarchy level, Obligated Distributable Amount, Final Expiration Date. In addition, some fields are populated with incorrect amounts, Anticipated Distributed Amount. This is only on the printed version. The details that display in KC are correct. We are looking into the form mapping to see where the discrepancy is between KC and the form creation.
Proposal Development Printing certification responses from Summary/Submit screen does not present numbered questions. Print the cert questions in advance of personnel completing certifications. Alternately, on key personnel screen expand person and their Proposal Certification Questions and answers, copy and paste to a word document.
Proposal Development Printing ‘Sponsor Form Packages’ Generic Forms are not pulling in correct data. Other print options are available in the budget.
Proposal Development When approving a proposal there is no field available to enter a comment. None.
Proposal Development
Personnel >
PI Certification
PI Certification is listed as Incomplete even when all questions have been answered and submitted. In PD > Summary Submit screen, PI Certification will show correctly as Complete, and proposal is able to route.